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      APG is a global provider of innovative, cost effective site solutions for wireless infrastructure. Its business covers product developments, manufacturing and services for the demanding needs of wireless operators.

    APG was formed to provide customers with Base Station Antennas (BSAs) with superior performance and quality at a cost lower than the large providers. APG offers a comprehensive suite of solutions including macro-cell, micro-cell antennas, combiners and RF products.

    State-of-the-art antenna technologies include ultra wide band phase shifters, patented antenna radiators, internal antenna control units and driving systems.

    Hallmarks of our products include typical -160dBc PIM using advanced design, process and test methods; high performance, high efficiency component designs; minimal unit to unit performance varication.


Corporate Address:
APG Technologies, INC.
8238 E Woodwind Ave.
Orange, CA 92869
Subsidiary in China: Building 1, 177 E Suhong Rd Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou Jiangsu 215026, China
CONTACT PHONE +1-602-620-1185
CONTACT EMAIL darryn.roasa@apgwireless.com
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