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Name:Max.Luo(Luo Yingtao)

AddressYitai Building,Shenzhen Luohu District,Guangdong Province,China

Zip code: 518000

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BSS soft

 BSS(Base Station Simulator) is very useful software in Base Station industry ,It is focusing on base station project development, BSS can help engineer and student to learn base station technology. Now this software is well-known in many communication industry companies,  It will provide great help on project design. BSS software can design innovative products according to the needs of marketing and  requirements of customer .

BSS (Base Station Simulator) software includes Antenna, RF tools, Wireless, Filter and 4GLTE & future 5G softwares.

The antenna includes antenna linear array design software, antenna planar array design platfrom, antenna theory, antenna 3D pattern analysis software, antenna pattern 2D fitting 3D software;

The RF tool include: T shape power divider software, power capacity calculation software,  short impedence matching software, SnP analysis software, Wilkinson power divider design software, hybrid coupler design software and so on;

The Wireless includes: generalized path loss calculation, various kinds of path loss calculation(generalized Hata/IEEE802.1d ) and transmission parameters calculation and so on;

The Filter includes: the cavity filter, the traditional filter calculation and so on;

4GLTE&5G area: all kinds of channel model, OFDM,MIMO we will gradually improve in version BSS2015.

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