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Customized products — design for you

We provide customized platform. We design products for you.
Send us your product requirements and specifications,
such as base station antennas, indoor antennas, combiners, components and various RF products.
Leave your messages for your requirement
We design and develop antennas for you as your requirements.

Base station antennas

Indoor antennas

Omni antennas

5G antennas
Customer design: Antenna

Customer design: RF products
We design and provide RF products for you as your requirements.

All kinds of connectors

Jumper cables

RF connector loads

AISG cables

Customer design: Combiner
We design and develop combiners for you as your requirements.

Various outdoor Combiners

Antenna combiners for all frequency bands
Corporate Address:
APG Technologies, INC.
8238 E Woodwind Ave.
Orange, CA 92869
Subsidiary in China: Building 1, 177 E Suhong Rd Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou Jiangsu 215026, China
CONTACT PHONE +1-602-620-1185
CONTACT EMAIL darryn.roasa@apgwireless.com
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